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i've been putting off blogging for a little while, just because i haven't had much to talk about.  i guess i still don't, really.  
i moved home for the summer, which has been interesting for sure, and i'm adjusting to the oddness of living with mom and dad again.  my brother recently graduated from med school and is back home as well before he starts his residency in general surgery at a local hospital.  so the four of us are crammed uncomfortably under the same roof for the first time in nine years.  yeah.  it's pretty interesting.

anyway, i guess this post is just about some little projects i've been working on lately.  venturing slowly but surely into the world of wedding stationary has been really really fun, especially since i've had the privilege of being included in designing paper products for some of my dearest friends.  i still have a lot to learn, and a lot of practice needs to happen before i'm where i need to be, but here is a little preview of something i've put together in the last week for a styled shoot this week all the way in california with a good affair.

this project was fun because everything is hand stitched--obviously not very practical for an actual wedding with 100+ invitations, but still cute all the same. 

i hope everyone has a great memorial day!


eating better

the title of this post is misleading.  it sounds like i'm going on a diet or something.  but i don't actually believe in diets.  i think that being obsessed with being thin is kind of dumb and we should all just eat well and be happy.  some of my favorite moments in my life have been over food.  eating is something that we all have to do, and it's just more fun when it's with each other.  food is the second thing i love most about spring following the really really beautiful weather.  i've been shut inside for the last six months and now i feel like everyone is emerging from the confinement of seasonal depression.  we're all just happy again, and the food we are eating has started to change.

i feel like in the winter, i am a giant carb.  all i ever want to eat is soup and bread because it keeps me warm and tastes so good.  but along with weather in the 70s came this strange urge to eat things that grow from the ground.  i don't want soup anymore.  i want strawberries and arnold palmers and fresh spinach and homemade preserves.  i want to make whole grain biscuits from scratch.  i'm not watching my girlish figure by any means--i just want to make things with my hands.

so today's post is dedicated to my infatuation with food.  washing blueberries in the sink, rolling dough beneath your hands, juice from an orange running down your wrists...sigh.  here are some pictures of spring time delicacies mixed in with some of my own.

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pancakes and ice cream and lemonade and pie.  stop. 

here are a couple of food ventures i went on this past weekend.  a tuesday night dinner spread we enjoyed with all the doors and windows open, and some homemade doughnut holes rolled in cinnamon and powdered sugar.  recipe here.


on being happy

"I think the idea is that every person has to live for his or her own life and than make the choice to share it with other people. You can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just can't. You have to do things. I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to be who I really am. And I'm going to figure out what that is."

i've been dropping the blogging ball a lot lately.  it's no big deal, especially since most readers are people i know, but i don't really have any excuse.  i guess i've just been doing a lot of self reflection.  
anyhoo, i started keeping this journal of stuff i'm thankful for.  throughout the day, i notice a lot of things that make me happy, and i write it all down.  since i started doing this, my quality of life has transformed.  and i think that maybe it's because i didn't know how to be happy before now.  everything's always been such a big deal to me and i just forget to have fun.  
why do people always equate happiness with having stuff?  we would be happier if we had better grades, had more friends, had a better salary, and so on.  happiness is something always accessible, all the time. 


etsy, my first and last love

due to a forgotten laptop charger and a four-day easter break, it's been a little bit since i've last posted.  also, i had a mean case of writer's block.  i am one who always has something to say regardless of whether or not it's actually interesting, but i kept thinking and thinking of what i could blog about and came up short every time.
until now.
i like to write about the things that i love.  the topic for this post should have been obvious.  what do i love more than most things?  etsy.  i love etsy so, so much.  if you are female, then the odds of knowing what etsy is are very high.  if you've actually purchased from etsy, then the odds of you ever buying anything from anywhere else are very slim.  for those of you who are foreign to the wonderment of the website, etsy is an online marketplace where sellers are able to make their thrifted finds, homemade goods, and a multitude of other fantastic things available for purchase.  not only do i have my own newborn etsy shop, but i find myself absent-mindedly shopping there just about every day of my life.  it's a problem.
BUT that's beside the point.  the world of etsy is a big one, and in spite of the handy search bar on the homepage that allows you to narrow the scope in terms of buying needs, the hefty amount of products available by the bajillions of shops open can become pretty daunting.  i often trust some of my favorite bloggers to guide me in terms of finding cute little things and posting about them, so i figured i would do the same.  thus, this blog post was born:
i know.  they're perfect.  these gorgeous things are silver branch twig rings by colby june
i will never buy stationary from anywhere other than esty ever again.  with incredible designs at equally incredible prices, you get all the pizzazz of custom paper 
for so much less than your average custom price.  i'm not having a baby anytime soon, but those owl-themed shower invitations have me falling in love! it doesn't hurt that they're designed by kelli murray, one of my favorite bloggers whose stuff you can read here. check out the links for the stamp
and the sailing ship card below (because there's nothing like a little shameless self-promotion, right?)
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a really cool hand-printed dress to wear with these beautiful twig branch bobby hair pins (made by a fellow north carolinian!)  i think i'm probably going to have to buy that make something today banner for days when the inspiration comes slowly.
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